Nicola Price

My name is Nicola Price. I am a teacher by profession and I have always held a responsibility for Science in the schools I have taught in. So, naturally, when my son was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, aged 25, my first instinct – after the initial shock – was to find out the facts and look at the evidence surrounding causality of this disease. What was Crohn’s? What were the treatments? Why is there no cure? What work is being done to eradicate this disease?

"My son has been through many medications, hospitalisations and treatments in the past two years. Eventually, due to a stricture, he had to have an emergency ileostomy last Christmas and needed a stoma to give his bowel a rest. Thankfully, this has now been reversed, but of course the Crohn’s will always be there in the background until a cure is found."

"After exhaustive research I came across Professor Hermon-Taylor’s work on MAP and it made real sense to me. We are at the very beginning of our understanding of bacteria and the role they play in everything we do, from insidious diseases like TB and Crohn’s to a presence in our atmosphere, within the clouds! My son’s removed tissue was tested by the professor for MAP and proved to be strongly positive, in common with the great majority of Crohn’s sufferers. Anti-MAP antibiotics are available, but they can have nasty side effects and my son did not tolerate them well to start with. Happily, after tweaking by his very open minded gastroenterologist, they are now working well. Long may it remain so. Meanwhile he continues to suffer from fatigue, due to his demanding job and an ongoing general ignorance among the wider public (“It’s just a bit of an upset tummy, is it?”). This is why I have joined the fight to get the cure out there."

"Wouldn’t it be absolutely wonderful if the vaccine were available to all? Isn’t it a no-brainer to want to find out once and for all if the vaccine works in humans? I think it is, and that is why I wholeheartedly support the team and do as much as I can to fundraise and increase awareness through local activity and social media. Please spread the word, get this into the media and shout loud and clear that MAP is the predominant cause of Crohn’s disease. We simply MUST get this vaccine to human trial!"


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