Joanna Cardwell

BA (Hons) Media and Production Design

Joanna died on 27th December 2015, after a short battle with bowel cancer and a long fight with Crohn’s disease.

She was a freelance graphic designer with 30 years experience in creative marketing.

“I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in 1989 when suddenly taken ill but after two operations, a DVT, a blood transfusion and four months in hospital, I made a great recovery.

I embraced the assurance by my doctors that “a normal life may be led”. And did so with plenty of vim and vigour.

However in 2009 symptoms began to reappear and after a couple of hospital admissions for blockages and several MRI scans I was rediagnosed with Crohn’s.

I didn’t want to slip into a permanent state of unwellness so began searching on Google for a “cure for Crohn’s”. It took me about three months but persistence lead me to Professor Herman-Taylor’s work and eventually Amy’s JustGiving page.

I immediately offered support and help. I do not accept the fact that a disease is incurable so I am also fundraising personally to help speed things along.

My mission for this cause is to be cured not managed.”


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