Deborah Swallow-Gath

Hi my name is Deborah, I live in Sheffield and although I have a retail background I now work for an housing association and I suffer from Crohn’s disease. Although my illness can now be traced back to when I was a very young child in primary school, my problems didn’t really take a hold on me till I was around 15 with full disgnosis not until I was 18. I had my first resection at 24 years old in 1991 and hoped that this would put my troubles behind me, it didn’t, I still had many problems just on a slightly lesser scale. In November 1999 my troubles escalated and in January 2000 when I was finally admitted to hospital I was told I was lucky to be alive. I had my second resection when I was well enough in February and had a few years of what I now refer to as my only good years up to 2008 when things healthwise started sliding again. I am now currently waiting to find out if I am to have a 3rd bowel resection or if I am to start anti-map therapy, which my gastro team have finally agreed to treat me.

I remember discussing in clinic the possibility of the cause being a bacteria in milk years ago with my consultant. During one afternoon last May/June time I was googling Crohn’s and came across the work of Professor Hermon-Taylor and how he had been researching this bacteria for 30 years. I continued to research and the more I did the more I realised the evidence that MAP causes Crohn’s was and is very compelling.

I strongly believe in the research & the science into MAP, as given so much strength to the argument for MAP causation and believe in the work of Professor Hermon-Taylor. His new MAP sensitive test is a huge breakthrough in the detection of MAP infection and his vaccine could be our best hope of a cure and this is why I knew I couldn’t just sit around watching and waiting, I needed to help any way I could to support his medically groundbreaking work.


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